This past year I finally started working on modular terrain. My terrain is adapted to the rulesets I’m working on and playtesting. This means the terrain is entirely adapted for using area movement rather than measuring tapes. Area movement involves counting areas the figure moves through rather than inches or centimeters. As long as players agree on how terrain features delimit areas it is difficult to disagree on how figures are moved. Smaller areas imply more difficult terrain.

In addition to counting areas, certain terrain features add additional counts. A large hedge, for instance, costs an additional movement point to cross. In this way obstacles cost more to move through.

The foundation of the terrain is a large board that I have painted to look like water of varying depth. Certainly a lot more I would like to do with the paintjob to smooth it out more, but for now it is fine. The other side is a flat field consisting of fake fur cut to varying lengths and painted to divide it into areas. The centre part is more broken terrain.

On top of the foundation can be placed two large hill like terrain pieces. These can be placed in the edges or joined back to back. I also have five smaller terrain pieces that can be combined in different ways. Considering refining their shapes a bit more to get more sides that slope more natural towards ground level. These are particularly suited for placing houses on.

As you can see below I also have a GW hillside that can serve as an island. Not perfectly adapted to area movement though.

In total I get modular terrain that allows play on several levels. Next on my list is making a couple of bridges that allow more movement between features. After that I return to my long running project of making buildings. And far into the future some boats in order to make the most of the water side.

Will try to get some better pics with figures on for my next post.

Just purchased a pack of Gripping Beast Gothic Noble Cavalry. Plastic 28mm. My plan is to convert these to Russian medieval cavalry using parts from Fireforge games Russian Infantry. Not sure if Fireforge has any plastic Russian cavalry in the pipeline or if they only have resin coming. Either way, since I have surplus bits from their infantry box this kitbash made sense right now. Horse, rider, and arm is from Gripping Beast. Head and shield from Fireforge Games. The Fireforge Games head made for a slightly more upright rider compared to the GB heads, which looks better to me.

Not really a fan of Gripping Beast plastics but these are good enough and have similar proportions as Fireforge Games figures. All in all pretty happy with where this is going.

Gripping Beast Gothic Noble Cavalry plastic sprues.

Victrix are moving at an amazing pace! I need to make a review of the plastic vikings I bought before Christmas. They’ve got Saxons and Normans in the pipeline.

But for now here are some pictures of their upcoming plastic Persians renders. I find that there renders are very close to the final outcome in plastic. These are Victrix own images that I picked up at the Lead Adventure Forum. Was a while since I visited but I remember that LAF usually have great discussions about these things.


Edited to add the latest cavalry model, standard bearer figure.

Continuing from part 1 and part 2. This is a really quick post about a Youtube channel that does a good job gathering, and commenting on, clips of self-defence and other violent encounters. Primarily shootings but occasionally stabbings and other incidents. A lot to learn that brings home some of the points I made in parts 1 and 2 of this series: Humans rarely die instantly, even when suffering a killing blow. To balance this statement there are off course cases where people die instantly, or are at least taken out of the fight instantly.

If you have studied Historical European Martial Arts you may be aware of the eyes being soft spots for lethal stabbing. Not talking about the “eye gouging” you always hear about from the self-defence crowd, this is about actual penetration. This video is a disturbing example of how soft this spot can actually be as a person is stabbed with a pool cue and reportedly dies. Again, quite disturbing but an important example of how attacks can end fast.

If you are interested in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)/Western Martial Arts (WMA), reenactment, or off course wargaming you might be interested in this clip. The narrator talks about how hunting was considered one of the best ways to prepare for war. Fighting wars is about so much more than wielding a weapon and the hunt teaches those lessons of logistics, social interaction, and coping with fear and with being uncomfortable. I particularly enjoy one of the medieval quotations he shares which ends by saying that the chase is similar to war in that it teaches a knight to “conceal one’s fear”.

I discovered the upcoming Victrix Macedonian Pikemen a few months ago and was horrified when I saw that they have modelled them with sleeves/couplers on the pikes.

12301663_711373582331872_3394117772046963423_n 12310653_711373538998543_5694832607274508713_n

An object was found in a Macedonian tomb and it was theorised that it served as a connector between pike halves. This is a very problematic/moronic theory and I cannot understand why Victrix would hang on to it. See for instance this discussion over at Roman Army Talk and the comment by JJartist at the bottom of a thread about competitor Warlord Games Macedonians at TMP. Some great arguments for pikes without these connectors and some arguments for the connectors. The discussions I have seen (as well as my own experiences in handling physical objects..) weight heavily in favour of pikes without sleeves. I mean, just the fact that no other pike wielding cultures have ever used pike sleeves should say something.

If they really believe in this theory they should at least respect that a lot of folks do not believe in it and make the pike sleeves optional parts. It would be waay easier to add a pike sleeve than to remove the existing one. They are immediately pushing folks towards their competitors if they go on with this design. And that is a shame since the counterweights on the Victrix pikes look way better than those on the Warlord pikes. I might even have to register a Facebook login for this blog so I can comment directly to Victrix.. Or if anyone else wants to comment about this please feel free to use the links I provided. Otherwise I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the sleeves will be optional.

Ok, this isn’t exactly recent news, but for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet it is really exciting. Victrix are going so deep into ancients that they have decided to do plastic cavalry, starting with Numidians. Not only is this fitting well with their expanding lines that cover the Punic Wars, but I definitely see uses for those of us that are into the earlier Greek period. It is lovely to see plastic horses without more modern harnesses (stirrups and such).

By swapping heads (and possibly left arm/shield) I should be able to get a cheap and good enough source of Greek cavalry. From what I can see so far, the horses look a lot better than what some other manufacturers has managed to produce.

1237172_720976421371588_7248803325654848443_n 10401153_720976464704917_5016095017539934947_n 12373158_720976504704913_991145815110200859_n 12391055_720976414704922_8396457359932710559_n

This is a niche that I have really wanted to see filled — plastic medieval Russians. If you check out my previous blogs about Fireforge Games you’ll know that I can be a bit critical about their style, while still strongly supporting their overall effort of churning out plastics for some really important forces.

My favourite set so far is their dismounted Templar knights. If they manage to get their Russians up to snuff they just might take that first place. The reason is off course that medieval Russians from this period (around 1200-1300) have such interesting and varied styles of armour and gear. Just have a look at the shields (five per sprue) and helmets (11 different per sprue). I also like that Fireforge are containing the sizes of the swords and the bows. There will be five sprues in the box for a total of 25 soldiers.

From the pictures of the sculpts that Fireforge has released I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to get the scale/lamellar armours to look good, as in overlapping correctly and with the right detailing. Since these pictures are work in progress its hard to say how they’ll end up looking. I’m carefully optimistic.

Some guys are wearing scale/lamellar and some are wearing mail. I’m sure that Fireforge are doing the right thing by not over representing scale/lamellar, but whether historically correct or not I wouldn’t mind exchanging one of the mail bodies for another scale/lamellar variety (there are five different bodies in total). Given off course that they manage to finish the scale/lamellar properly.

Ok, I’ve got more to say but will hold my tongue until we know what these actually looks like when finished and in plastic. This might actually be the first time I support a kickstarter/preorder. What speaks against me joining is that I can’t find an option to preorder without paying for their ruleset, which I’m not looking to buy.

1fc372946c0b98fb8d7f87d4c38ea83a_XL russian_infantry_1 russian_infantry_2 russian_infantry_3 russian_infantry_4 russian_infantry_5 russian_infantry_6 russian_infantry_7 russian_infantry_8 russian_infantry_9

Some quick snapshots of the latest additions to the Italian condottiere collection. Llama painted these to a tabletop standard. The latest batch, the Easterners and some of the other guys, like the musicians, will need some touch-ups (like defining the faces more) but are to my mind essentially good to go. I based them just recently and have finally figured out the ground colour for my bases. In the background of the first figure you can see some civilians. The Easterners can represent Ottoman mercenaries, Byzantines, or a pimped out Italian mercenary group in fancy dress-up.

One of the factions that are completely untouched by the plastic virus is the Scythians (of any variety). Here I take Fireforge Games Mongolians and use them as Scythian light/medium horse archers. I scraped away the stirrups as a way to shave off 1500 years. The rest of the horses harness/tack/saddle/whatever does not look Scythian but its close enough for me.

I took the separate quivers and bow cases and combined them into so called gorytos. Used some Victrix hoplite heads that I will probably never use for their intended purposes since they fall outside of my time period. The smurf-style hats are not really correct for Scythians at this time either but they resemble the Scythian/Persian/Thracian felt caps (diadem) enough to give the right feel. One helmet I scraped off the rim over the eyes to give it an older look.

Also modded a hoplite shield to give it the look of a big crescent shaped shield (pelta). Not really correct either but a nice look. Not really visible in this pic though. Will follow this up when I have more troops assembled.