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Those who have followed this blog knows that I prefer to use plastics for light troops (and for most other troops as well), and that I want a good amount of light troops to approach historical use of troop types. It is therefore great to see that Gripping Beast is releasing plastic Dark Ages Warriors that are unarmoured and without helmets.

Now I don’t wargame the dark ages/vikings but I am very interested in the Baltic crusades 1250-1350 and these guys might work as Baltic light troops or even Swedish light troops for the earlier part of that period. I have a vision of using Fireforge Games offerings as Swedish troops or Teutonics, and kitbash Conquest Games Norman infantry with Gripping Beast Warriors and Viking Hirdmen for Baltic and Russian infantry. I’m not a huge fan of the far too chunky weapon handles of Gripping Beast and Fireforge Games plastics but I guess I could live with it. The most important part for pulling off the kitbashings would be to get the shields right.

If my wishes could come true I’d wish for Perry plastic 1320-1350 Western and Baltic/Russian troops. Along with some Mongols from Perry Minitures. Speaking of Mongols, that really seems to be the first range of non-Europeans coming from Fireforge Games. They say that the first “enemy” line will work both in the Baltic Crusades and the Middle East. I can’t see any other line that would work except Mongols/steppe tribes.

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Now this is news to me! Conquest Games are actually selling the horses from their Norman Knights box separately. This opens up for some great modding opportunities. Instead of buying a pack of Norman knights or Fireforge sergeants I might just buy the horses and modd the riders from various bits. We’ll see. If there’s anyone that has done any projects with these horses please leave a link in the comments!

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