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This is a niche that I have really wanted to see filled — plastic medieval Russians. If you check out my previous blogs about Fireforge Games you’ll know that I can be a bit critical about their style, while still strongly supporting their overall effort of churning out plastics for some really important forces.

My favourite set so far is their dismounted Templar knights. If they manage to get their Russians up to snuff they just might take that first place. The reason is off course that medieval Russians from this period (around 1200-1300) have such interesting and varied styles of armour and gear. Just have a look at the shields (five per sprue) and helmets (11 different per sprue). I also like that Fireforge are containing the sizes of the swords and the bows. There will be five sprues in the box for a total of 25 soldiers.

From the pictures of the sculpts that Fireforge has released I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to get the scale/lamellar armours to look good, as in overlapping correctly and with the right detailing. Since these pictures are work in progress its hard to say how they’ll end up looking. I’m carefully optimistic.

Some guys are wearing scale/lamellar and some are wearing mail. I’m sure that Fireforge are doing the right thing by not over representing scale/lamellar, but whether historically correct or not I wouldn’t mind exchanging one of the mail bodies for another scale/lamellar variety (there are five different bodies in total). Given off course that they manage to finish the scale/lamellar properly.

Ok, I’ve got more to say but will hold my tongue until we know what these actually looks like when finished and in plastic. This might actually be the first time I support a kickstarter/preorder. What speaks against me joining is that I can’t find an option to preorder without paying for their ruleset, which I’m not looking to buy.

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One of the factions that are completely untouched by the plastic virus is the Scythians (of any variety). Here I take Fireforge Games Mongolians and use them as Scythian light/medium horse archers. I scraped away the stirrups as a way to shave off 1500 years. The rest of the horses harness/tack/saddle/whatever does not look Scythian but its close enough for me.

I took the separate quivers and bow cases and combined them into so called gorytos. Used some Victrix hoplite heads that I will probably never use for their intended purposes since they fall outside of my time period. The smurf-style hats are not really correct for Scythians at this time either but they resemble the Scythian/Persian/Thracian felt caps (diadem) enough to give the right feel. One helmet I scraped off the rim over the eyes to give it an older look.

Also modded a hoplite shield to give it the look of a big crescent shaped shield (pelta). Not really correct either but a nice look. Not really visible in this pic though. Will follow this up when I have more troops assembled.


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To get a sense of how to get the units together for my 15th century company(-ies) I put all assembled models on the table. First up is an overview of all painted and unpainted figures.

And below is a shot of the artillery piece with heavy Italian infantry just above it. Dismounted men-at-arms to the left and even further to the left are some Ottoman handgunners. The Ottomans are a kitbash experiment that I may or may not use in some capacity. Further back are crossbowmen and medium Italian infantrymen.

Close up of handgunners with dismounted men-at-arms behind.

Crossbowmen with medium Italian infantry in the back. Note the unpainted medium infantry to the right. I have used Fireforge Games arms to get the speararms and I bought Perry’s shields for them. The other medium infantrymen are modded using Perry parts, including cut up Perry pavises.


And a clearer view of the crossbowmen and a glimpse of the command post carrocccio in the back (with wheels that look a bit too spread out).

Another glimpse of the carroccio and some work in progress conversions of archers to scouts/rangers.


And the cavalry. In the front rank are mostly men-at-arms with heavy barding and in the last row are lighter men-at-arms/squires. In the middle men-at-arms with heavy armour but riding horses without heavy barding.


Lastly are the light horse, the stradioti. Mostly Firegorge Games converted plastics, but also three metal Perry stradioti.


IMG_0569.JPGBesides painting, what remains is to assemble more handgunners and crossbowmen, and Perry mounted and dismounted m-a-a. When I start assembling dismounted m-a-a I also need to figure out exactly which figures will be heavy Italian infantry and which will be dismounted m-a-a. I just need to remember that my first priority is to paint up these guys first. Since I went with a paint scheme that fits many Italian cities and factions I’m thinking about making two smaller companies that can be fielded as one bigger company.


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Here is the current progress of my assembled and primed Fireforge Games troops in the guise of Swedish Order knights, sergeants and troops. I have done some modifications by adding noseguards, some mail, and extra plates on a couple of helmets. Also gave one of the crossbowmen a moustache.
Mounted knights (and a couple potential sergeants).



Dismounted knights.



Order sergeants.







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It’s finally official — I’ve gotten my Ph.D! Since I want to try to keep up a resemblance of anonymity I won’t tell you the subject except that it has to do with contemporary warfare. With that little detail out of the way.. I have started updating my own wargaming rules and hope to playtest them within a couple of months. Also ordered a box of victrix archers and light hoplites and a box of fireforge games mongols that i will convert to scythians. In other news the figure swapping i did with nobby went well and we both got what we wanted.

I have primed my fireforge Swedes and have continued painting my perry mounted men at arms. Will show some progress pics soon.

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I have spent some time assembling more Fireforge Games miniatures. A few more knights (Swede chivalric order, not yet defined), some foot sergeants (of said undefined order), and a bunch of crossbowmen (Swede ledung militia). Just wanted to share how I had to use green stuff to fit the knights to the horses. The unbarded horses might work without green stuff but the fit is hopeless with the barded horses. For one of the knights (the one to the left) I had placed the shield too low so I had to use a lot of green stuff to get a solid fit.

bild 1 bild 2

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I am back in Sweden and have finally gotten access to my hobby stuff. My apartment at large is not in order so it will take a bit more time before I can return to my projects.

A lot has happened the past year. Victrix has released plastic Greek light troops. I want to order some and do a review. Fireforge Games have created steppe warriors on foot. Not overly impressed by the pictures I’ve seen (sausage finger hands). The cavalry looks much better. I did see a couple of pictures on their Facebook page where they had reposted figures that someone had painted really well. So part of the issue could perhaps be solved by amazing painters. Would need to get my hands on a box of the steppe infantry to form a firmer opinion.

And as usual the Perry brothers continue impressing. Not only are they moving forward with the light cavalry and dismounted knights, they have started working on early 15th century plastics! And since they have parted ways with Games Workshop things could become even better.

Sadly, last time I checked Warlord Games had not moved forward with plastic Persians. The ones that Immortal Miniatures started producing and sold to WG. It does appear that the guy at immortal miniatures had decided to sculpt the Persians in what some would call ceremonial outfits. And not the way that people generally perceive that they were dressed to battle. Right now I could actually go either way with this, I just want good looking plastic Persians. But I could see why WG would be reluctant to produce more atypical looking Persians. Another subject to dive deeper into in a future post.

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