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I believe it was nobby that suggested I take a look at Lion Rampant. Have since then seen a few threads on the subject including this one http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=72529.0

I have a very similar idea as the author concerning how I like games to play: To be clear that it is a game and not a simulation, to ensure that the core rules are uncomplicated, no charts, and to let the flavor and slightly more complicated special abilities be reflected in the units. I have actually just recently started rewriting my rules to use d6 instead of d10 dice. Have done a number of other simplifications to make my rules more intuitive, and yet able to reflect the fun variation I want between different troops and tactics. There are still significant enough differences between the rules I’m making and Lion Rampant that I will continue working on them. Just so happy to see these rules that I had to show support by buying them. These are actually the first rules I have bought for medieval fighting. Who knows, I might even play them and write a review! For my rules development I think I can learn a thing or two from this book when it comes to presenting rules in a pedagogical manner.


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