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It’s finally official — I’ve gotten my Ph.D! Since I want to try to keep up a resemblance of anonymity I won’t tell you the subject except that it has to do with contemporary warfare. With that little detail out of the way.. I have started updating my own wargaming rules and hope to playtest them within a couple of months. Also ordered a box of victrix archers and light hoplites and a box of fireforge games mongols that i will convert to scythians. In other news the figure swapping i did with nobby went well and we both got what we wanted.

I have primed my fireforge Swedes and have continued painting my perry mounted men at arms. Will show some progress pics soon.


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Wargames Factory have released plastic male survivors. They are intended for zombie/post-apocalypse wargaming but I can definitely see the potential of using these for contemporary militias and rebels. Since there are no cheap plastics available in 28mm I have had an excuse to stay away from modern warfare.

If I can get one side in plastics I could accept that I have to use metal for the other side. And whichever side that should be most numerous should definitely be the one in plastic. So if I get some specop guys in metal I could have a bunch of these as opponents.

550021_10151301407746059_1363674197_n Wargames-Factory-Preview-Their-Male-Survivors-FS-2 WGF_Male-Survivors-Gussrahmen-1 WGF_Male-Survivors-Gussrahmen-4

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Back from Africa

I’ve been in an undisclosed location in Africa doing some work. Although I’m too much of a civilian to be in the military I got to meet some great people in uniform and chat about one of the longest running conflicts in Africa.

Although tempting I am still however trying to stay away from gaming modern warfare since it would get my hobbt a bit too close to work. Anyway, now that I’m back I might be able to add a post or two on historical gaming.

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