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Some quick snapshots of the latest additions to the Italian condottiere collection. Llama painted these to a tabletop standard. The latest batch, the Easterners and some of the other guys, like the musicians, will need some touch-ups (like defining the faces more) but are to my mind essentially good to go. I based them just recently and have finally figured out the ground colour for my bases. In the background of the first figure you can see some civilians. The Easterners can represent Ottoman mercenaries, Byzantines, or a pimped out Italian mercenary group in fancy dress-up.


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I have added some more facial hair and beefed up the turbans as well as increased the hight of the “fez” inside some of those turbans. Most visible toes have been hidded so it looks somewhat like they’re wearing Turkish shoes. So they are pretty much done.

Edit: I got a suggestion that I could just label them Anatolian Azabs and be done with it: http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=258434.


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So, I had some handgonner arms left over from a Perry Miniatures plastic mercenaries box. Since I hadn’t found a use for the guys that wear pants from the Perry plastic Ansar Sudanese I figured there should be some way of combining these. If you know the history of this blog you’ll know that I have only used the guys with bare legs to create Greek psiloi/peltasts and that’s why I’ve been left with a bunch of these bodies.

Through Neapel, and in the Northeast of Italy, Ottoman forces did get involved in fighting on Italian soil during the 15th century, so it seems like a fun addition to my condottieri company. Or as enemies for it. My company will most likely have a captain from Neapel so I might be able to shoe-horn some Turcs in there. Or talk Llama into creating an Ottoman-Hungarian force..

With some green stuff added I think these work in progress guys are acceptable. But maybe that’s because I don’t know much at all about Ottoman equipment.. There are some options for what troop type these guys could represent. One wikipedia entry equates regular rifle infantry with the Turkish term for foot artillery, Piyade Topçu. I haven’t had time to corroborate that though. Let me know if you have any comment on this.

I do feel a need to increase the size of some of the turbans, and the hight of some of the inner caps. I need to sculpt some more beards and moustaches as well. I have covered up some of the bare toes but might do something more with some of the feets and lower legs. There are other details, like collars and buttons, that I might do if I feel motivated.

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