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Some quick snapshots of the latest additions to the Italian condottiere collection. Llama painted these to a tabletop standard. The latest batch, the Easterners and some of the other guys, like the musicians, will need some touch-ups (like defining the faces more) but are to my mind essentially good to go. I based them just recently and have finally figured out the ground colour for my bases. In the background of the first figure you can see some civilians. The Easterners can represent Ottoman mercenaries, Byzantines, or a pimped out Italian mercenary group in fancy dress-up.


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To get a sense of how to get the units together for my 15th century company(-ies) I put all assembled models on the table. First up is an overview of all painted and unpainted figures.

And below is a shot of the artillery piece with heavy Italian infantry just above it. Dismounted men-at-arms to the left and even further to the left are some Ottoman handgunners. The Ottomans are a kitbash experiment that I may or may not use in some capacity. Further back are crossbowmen and medium Italian infantrymen.

Close up of handgunners with dismounted men-at-arms behind.

Crossbowmen with medium Italian infantry in the back. Note the unpainted medium infantry to the right. I have used Fireforge Games arms to get the speararms and I bought Perry’s shields for them. The other medium infantrymen are modded using Perry parts, including cut up Perry pavises.


And a clearer view of the crossbowmen and a glimpse of the command post carrocccio in the back (with wheels that look a bit too spread out).

Another glimpse of the carroccio and some work in progress conversions of archers to scouts/rangers.


And the cavalry. In the front rank are mostly men-at-arms with heavy barding and in the last row are lighter men-at-arms/squires. In the middle men-at-arms with heavy armour but riding horses without heavy barding.


Lastly are the light horse, the stradioti. Mostly Firegorge Games converted plastics, but also three metal Perry stradioti.


IMG_0569.JPGBesides painting, what remains is to assemble more handgunners and crossbowmen, and Perry mounted and dismounted m-a-a. When I start assembling dismounted m-a-a I also need to figure out exactly which figures will be heavy Italian infantry and which will be dismounted m-a-a. I just need to remember that my first priority is to paint up these guys first. Since I went with a paint scheme that fits many Italian cities and factions I’m thinking about making two smaller companies that can be fielded as one bigger company.


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I have spent a ridiculous amount of time to get the figures to this point even though I’ve taken some shortcuts with many of the horses. But I’m still trying out new things and learning so experimenting takes times. What remains is to add some more highlights and shadow areas on some of the armours, some vegetation on the bases and possibly some more work on a couple of the faces. Might also add thin bluish-white layers to pull down parts of the white painted areas that recedes into¬†lower light.





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It’s finally official — I’ve gotten my Ph.D! Since I want to try to keep up a resemblance of anonymity I won’t tell you the subject except that it has to do with contemporary warfare. With that little detail out of the way.. I have started updating my own wargaming rules and hope to playtest them within a couple of months. Also ordered a box of victrix archers and light hoplites and a box of fireforge games mongols that i will convert to scythians. In other news the figure swapping i did with nobby went well and we both got what we wanted.

I have primed my fireforge Swedes and have continued painting my perry mounted men at arms. Will show some progress pics soon.

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I am back in Sweden and have finally gotten access to my hobby stuff. My apartment at large is not in order so it will take a bit more time before I can return to my projects.

A lot has happened the past year. Victrix has released plastic Greek light troops. I want to order some and do a review. Fireforge Games have created steppe warriors on foot. Not overly impressed by the pictures I’ve seen (sausage finger hands). The cavalry looks much better. I did see a couple of pictures on their Facebook page where they had reposted figures that someone had painted really well. So part of the issue could perhaps be solved by amazing painters. Would need to get my hands on a box of the steppe infantry to form a firmer opinion.

And as usual the Perry brothers continue impressing. Not only are they moving forward with the light cavalry and dismounted knights, they have started working on early 15th century plastics! And since they have parted ways with Games Workshop things could become even better.

Sadly, last time I checked Warlord Games had not moved forward with plastic Persians. The ones that Immortal Miniatures started producing and sold to WG. It does appear that the guy at immortal miniatures had decided to sculpt the Persians in what some would call ceremonial outfits. And not the way that people generally perceive that they were dressed to battle. Right now I could actually go either way with this, I just want good looking plastic Persians. But I could see why WG would be reluctant to produce more atypical looking Persians. Another subject to dive deeper into in a future post.

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As some of you may recall I’m not really into the painting part of this hobby. Mainly because it takes me forever to paint figures and then only to a basic tabletop standard. I do have some interest in getting a few of my Perry MAA’s on to the table so I started painting just four so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I’m considering deploying my cavalry in groups (lances) of fours or threes: One knight, one or two MAA’s, and one medium cavalryman that can serve as coustiller/pricker/banner bearer/or French mounted “archer”.

(I will also deploy pages but at a much smaller ratio between pages and knights than would be historical. They will be kept as remount markers separate from the offensive arm of the lance.)

Below are work in progress pics. I still have some lighter whites to go over the feathers and the coustillers uniform. I also need to add some warm and cold glazes to the human skin. I might go for some more detail work if I feel inspired.




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Wow — I’m almost finished with my first batch of plastic stradioti (made from Fireforge Games sergeants and other parts) and then the Perrys releases metal Stradioti! Story of my life (or this blog)! Anyway great to see that there are finally good looking metal stradioti out there. Particularly for the 15th century. I’ll probably buy a few to finish my unit.

As you can see they have also taken advantage of the full range of weapons that stradioti carried. I have however made my unit a bit more unique by including horse archers. I need to take some proper pictures once I’m done with this batch.

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