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Playing Skyrim

Yes, I also ended up in the Skyrim quagmire. I’m a bit late to the party but here I am. ¬†Although I’m not much for fantasy outside of Tolkien’s world The Elder Scrolls wins me over on account of their open worlds. And with the open character creation Skyrim has a lot of possibilities.

My character has ended up as a sort of battle-mage. In this picture he’s sporting a wolf armour that he took from the dead body of Skjor. The helmet is some ancient thing that was found on some quest. The wolf armour isn’t really good but I like the look of it. The follower is Lydia but I plan to find some other follower to get some variation.

I have naturally done some searches online to see if anyone is doing Skyrim as a tabletop wargame with miniatures. Seems that there are some RPG projects out there, and at least one with bigger battles in mind. The latter does however seem based on 40k and warhammer so it is bound to be clunky and derivative. If Bethesda would allow someone to make a skirmish game with some innovative rules, and a line of miniatures to go with it, I’m sure it would sell well.

I have some miniatures updates on the way too, so its not like I only play Skyrim — promise!




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