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I discovered the upcoming Victrix Macedonian Pikemen a few months ago and was horrified when I saw that they have modelled them with sleeves/couplers on the pikes.

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An object was found in a Macedonian tomb and it was theorised that it served as a connector between pike halves. This is a very problematic/moronic theory and I cannot understand why Victrix would hang on to it. See for instance this discussion over at Roman Army Talk and the comment by JJartist at the bottom of a thread about competitor Warlord Games Macedonians at TMP. Some great arguments for pikes without these connectors and some arguments for the connectors. The discussions I have seen (as well as my own experiences in handling physical objects..) weight heavily in favour of pikes without sleeves. I mean, just the fact that no other pike wielding cultures have ever used pike sleeves should say something.

If they really believe in this theory they should at least respect that a lot of folks do not believe in it and make the pike sleeves optional parts. It would be waay easier to add a pike sleeve than to remove the existing one. They are immediately pushing folks towards their competitors if they go on with this design. And that is a shame since the counterweights on the Victrix pikes look way better than those on the Warlord pikes. I might even have to register a Facebook login for this blog so I can comment directly to Victrix.. Or if anyone else wants to comment about this please feel free to use the links I provided. Otherwise I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the sleeves will be optional.


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Llama likes to spread the fruit of his hard labour around. This time I was on the receiving end. With the recent Hobbit releases Llama realised he couldn’t fit his historical works in progress in his housing so I got his Immortal/Warlord minitures. All assembled and primed, with most of the basing done. My hoplite collection just took a big leap forward.



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Thanks to Great Escape Games there are finally some pictures of the Victrix sprues available. And to top it off — there are comparison shots with a Victrix hoplite and hoplites from other makers. From the side and the front.

From the front in particular it does look like the Victrix is much larger than the Immortal/Warlord. But it does look like the Victrix integral base is much thicker than the Immortal/Warlord. If the latter is thickened they shouldn’t look that bad together. At least if kept in different units.

Edit: Check this thread at TMP for a discussion.

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A blogger called Lurkio has a post with some sweet pictures from Salute 2012. I don’t want to repost a private person’s own pictures so I just give you the links here.

First up is the Warlord plastic Persians. Finally a chance to see how they look in full. I do get a bit confused by the note saying that the guy with the small shield is a sparabara.

And then another view of the Victrix hoplites. Please see my earlier post about those. They do look pretty good in this shot. There are also some early Romans coming from Victrix. If they are in plastic they might be a bit interesting for me if I ever start with late phalanx warfare and want some opponents. I know too little about Romans to say exactly what period these represent, and if they do it well.

If anyone have a better picture of the Warlord Parthian horse archers I wouldn’t mind seeing it. In this pic they do look less cartoony than Warlord’s usual offerings (off course except the former Immortal line). Might work as horse archers from other cultures as well so I will follow the development of these.

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